Membership has its privileges


Community and connections form the heart of everything we do here at Blue Stockings Salon.  We believe unequivocally in the collective power of humanity!  Membership is by invitation only. Once you have attended an event as a Guest, you can request to become a Member.  After discussion with the guest, we decide if the organization is a mutual fit and proceed from there.  We seek  new Members who are curious about life and learning; who want to uphold our values of civility, authentic conversations and inclusion of all.  These are people who yearn to contribute to discussions and dialogues at Salon events.  Socio economic status or educational background while important are not prerequisites for membership.   Our expectation is that Members will become an integral part of our community and bring their input, ideas, and experience to our gatherings.


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Members receive the following benefits


  • Members-only access to specific monthly events.  These are events that are open only to our members.  Event pricing will vary depending on the Speaker and Venue.
  • Reserved attendance for Members. We will keep a certain number of seats open before the event for Members. This way Members will be able to attend an event even if it is sold out.
  • Member discount pricing for all events. These are events that are open to non-Members, but at full ticket price. Members will have the advantage of lower cost pricing; Guests will pay full price.  Event fees range from $50 to $125 depending on Speaker & Venue.
  • Members can receive a full refund once they give 24 hour notice before 12 noon of the day of the event, Guests must cancel within 72 hours before 12 Noon of the event for a full refund.


 Membership at The Salon


Charter Membership

Information shared privately with Members.

Yearly Membership

$195 – Individual per Annum (effective for one year from date of payment or renewal due date)

$350 – Couple per Annum ((must live in the same household)

Series Package (includes Membership and all Salon events)

$599 -Individual for the Year

$999 – Couple for the Year

 A La Carte

Guests can attend a Salon of their choice and pay accordingly – prices will vary from $65 – $125.

Blue Stockings Salon Governing Principles for Members


  1. Invitation to join Blue Stockings Salon by the Salonniere or a Member is a pre-requisite. Membership is subject to final approval by the Salonniere. Membership is for a one year duration from the date your payment is received.
  2. Guests may attend 2 events before applying for Membership to see if Blue Stockings Salon is the right fit
  3. All monthly topics will have relevance and purpose while maintaining allegiance with our vision.
  4. Our members help build and define our “raison d’ etre”.
  5. We encourage contribution and participation from everyone – we believe there is no opinion, question, or thought that should go unheard.
  6. Trust, respect, and kindness for all are our highest values.
  7. We invite interesting, curious-minded people to join the Salon. We believe this encourages healthy debate and exchange of ideas.
  8. While there is a variety of business networking opportunities available with different organizations, our focus at the Salon is social engagement — it is not a place to solicit business. Members may not use our presence at meetings or events for the purpose of promoting products and/or services. Business cards can be shared only if requested. Our goal is for Members and Guests to relax and enjoy conversation and connection.


In order for the Salon to succeed, it is important to outline our responsibilities and proper practices. Our governing principles, values, and standards of behavior contribute to the welfare of our Members and respect the rights of all individuals affected by our operations.

Code of Conduct for Members and Guests


  • When attending an event, we expect you to, be present and willing to participate
  • We honor the privileges of the platform
  • We believe in cooperation above competition
  • We believe in freely sharing our knowledge and expertise
  • We expect you to be open to possibilities not attached to outcome
  • We are open to challenging each other in a respectful, courteous manner


Philanthropic Giving


Giving-back is an important aspect of the Salon. Together, we choose a charitable beneficiary that may not typically attract large-scale funding and contribute a percentage of the Salon’s annual income. We have a strict vetting process for selection and will provide feedback to members about the impact of their donations. In addition, we will also select projects to donate our time and services. The project we selected for 2015 is Ronald McDonald House.

“Blue Stockings Salon events are the highlight of my month. Norene treats us to fabulous speakers on challenging and topical issues in an intimate setting; the members and guests are always interesting and stimulating; the atmosphere is both intellectual and festive. While I wish I could have lived in Paris to frequent Gertrude Stein’s soirees peopled with the likes of Picasso and Hemingway, Norene’s Salons are as close as I could hope to get here in the Bay Area.”  Ellen Shuck, Business Consultant, Portola Valley – Member