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Annual Paris Salon

Paris Salon

The Origins of the Salon


While the Salon is a 16th century Italian import, these gatherings flourished during 17th and 18th century France — an era known as the “Age of Enlightenment.” Hosted by the Salonnière, participants would congregate under the roof of the inspirational hostess to engage in lively conversations and debates – partly for entertainment, partly to cultivate their tastes and proliferate learning. Participants would discuss Philosophy, Science, Literature, The Arts, Languages, and Current Affairs.


At a time when women were expected to cultivate their needlepoint and knitting skills, Salons served as an informal university for women who wanted more. Although hosted by women, the speakers asked to address various topics were men — as these were considered the “learned” people of the day. Soon, men and women of the bourgeoisie began attending Salons as a way to seek the same educational opportunities previous afforded only to the wealthy and noble classes. These Salons offered patrons a venue to exchange ideas, read or show one’s own works, and receive/offer criticism.


The inspiration for Blue Stockings Salon comes from 18th century French Salons made famous by Elizabeth Montagu, a literary woman of the day. She created the Blue Stockings Society as a setting for clever conversation and informal sociability. Her Salons were attended by such renowned figures throughout history as Edmund Burke, Elizabeth Carter, Samuel Johnson, Catherine Talbot, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and others. The term ‘Blue Stocking’ refers to an educated, learned person.


We invite you to attend our Modern-Day Salon; join us to…


  • Enjoy high-quality connections, instead of high-speed ones: In our socially cyber-connected world we’ve lost the art and capability to connect emotionally with meaningful interactions that stimulate our hearts and minds. Blue Stockings Salon will nurture this fundamental human need to promote a better quality of life.
  • Open your mind to new perspectives: Like the 18th century Salons, our speakers and events will focus on issues such as the Sciences, Arts, Literature, Social Development, and Current Affairs. You could attend an event covering insightful topics such as “Advances in Neuroscience,” “Men and Women’s Health Issues,” Current Authors, Documentaries, even the history of Champagne!
  • Participate in a thriving community of curious-minded members: Come and converse, debate and connect in a live social setting with people, just like you, who crave that stimulation of genuine, authentic conversation. This is networking in the purest sense – without phones, social media or cyberspace. Just real people and real dialogues.
  • Seek out personal enrichment: Revitalize your mind, express yourself, and enjoy a whole new experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and energized.
  • Meet and socialize with other intelligent, inspiring people: Unplug and connect in an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication and spirited discussion – while enjoying culinary delights and thoughtfully paired wines.


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 “Just as the deepest contemplation of new ideas occurs in a relaxed environment, fully engaged living and friendships are best cultivated in the same way. Blue Stockings Salon provides the perfect opportunity for conviviality and enlightenment in one venue. We truly get great value from our membership.”  Peter Draeger, CFO Draegers Markets – Member